If you’re looking for the best crypto to buy now, you’ve come to the right place. The team of experts at Business2Community made an in-depth analysis of the crypto market to single out the most promising crypto for investors.

On that note, we’ll give you a brief overview of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in, and we’ll talk about the factors you should consider when choosing a digital currency.

What Is the Best Crypto to Invest in Now?

Detailed below is a list of cryptocurrencies to invest in. In the following section, we’ll review each of these projects, covering their use cases and future price potential.

  1. Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE) — Seamless navigation, low fees, and unmatched flexibility across blockchains
  2. Sealana ($SEAL) — Dive into the Solana Sea with $SEAL, the chubby seal obsessed with meme coins
  3. WienerAI ($WAI) — New meme coin with massive staking rewards of over 5700% during the presale
  4. Mega Dice ($DICE) Best new crypto coin seamlessly integrated with Mega Dice casino
  5. 99Bitcoins ($99BTC) — Earn crypto while learning about it with this trending new coin
  6. 5thScape ($5SCAPE) — Popular crypto to invest in that merges virtual reality and blockchain technologies
  7. Sponge V2 ($SPONGE) — An upgraded version of the Sponge Token, combining high staking rewards with a P2E game
  8. Smog ($SMOG) — Best new crypto to buy, expected to become the next big Solana meme coin
  9. eTukTuk ($TUK) — An eco-friendly crypto token with the potential to impact eTukTuk’s ecosystem
  10. KAI ($KAI) — Purrfect crypto journey with KAI cat, strategically planned for growth and innovation
  11. Dreamcars ($DCARS) — The first blockchain-based fractional car platform
  12. Shiba Shootout ($SHIBASHOOT) A new meme coin that aims to attract 100,000+ token holders and get listed on T1 exchanges
  13. Healix Protocol ($HLX) — A BEP20 token with real-world utility and long-term growth potential
  14. BlastUP ($BLP) — The first Layer 2 crypto that got to $1 billion in TVL in only 35 days
  15. Baby Sinclair ($CLAIR) — Top new AI crypto with a 100% bonus reserved for early investors
  16. Bitcoin ($BTC) — The most popular cryptocurrency with long-term growth potential
  17. Ethereum ($ETH) — The biggest ecosystem of dApps

In-Depth Reviews of the Best Crypto to Buy Right Now

Now that you know which are the best crypto coins today, here’s what makes them stand out and why they are a good investment choice.

1. Dogeverse

dogeverse logo

Hard Cap: $17 million

Inspired by the legendary adventures of Cosmo, the chain-hopping Doge, $DOGEVERSE is the world’s first multi-chain Doge token. It’s not just about memes; it’s about breaking barriers and uniting crypto communities across Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, and Base.

Available on major chains, it offers cheaper fees, thanks to Wormhole and Portal Bridge tech, ensuring seamless navigation.

Currently priced at $0.000293 per token, the Dogeverse project has already raised over $3 million, significantly overachieving its predicted earnings for the opening few days.

Our deployment strategy ensures easy interoperability and flexibility, allowing presale buyers to claim tokens on their preferred blockchain. From smooth navigation to cost optimization, $DOGEVERSE is revolutionizing the market.


  • Multi-chain token
  • Available on ETH, BNB, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, Base
  • Fast transactions
  • Cost-effective


  • High-risk investment

2. Sealana

Sealana Logo

Hard Cap: N/A

Sealana, the lovable chubby seal, is making waves in the Solana Sea.

Despite Solana’s recent dip, viral animal-themed SOL meme coins like Solama and POPCAT are thriving. Now there’s a buzz around a new Seal-themed meme coin set to make waves, similar to the success of Slothana.

Sealana’s illustration style draws inspiration from a well-known South Park character, reflecting his messy, junk food-loving persona. Proudly American, $SEAL aims to conquer the crypto market with his $SEAL token.

You can participate in the presale by sending SOL directly to the designated wallet or through the site widget. Each SOL nets you 6,900 $SEAL tokens, and the project has raised over $144k so far.


  • Animal-themed meme coins seem the least affected by market turbulations
  • Launched just before the bullish summer crypto coin frenzy
  • A “Send to Wallet” project, without too much fuss


  • No utility at the moment

3. WienerAI

wienerai logo

Hard Cap: $13 550 013

WienerAI is a combination of AI and blockchain in the form of a cybernetic AI wiener dog. It aims to become the “top dog” in the crypto space and is one of the top cryptos to invest in 2024. WienerAI also offers big staking rewards during the ongoing presale.

As far as tokenomics is concerned, WienerAI has a total supply of 69 billion tokens, 40% of which are allocated for the current presale. 20% will go for staking, while 10% is set for community rewards. Additionally, 10% will go to DEX and CEX liquidity, while the remaining 20% is set for marketing.

The main reason to purchase this meme coin during the presale is, of course, the discounted price. As the presale goes on, however, the price will also increase. In fact, there are several stages to this presale, all lasting two days, and in each stage, the price will gradually increase.

If you want to invest in this token, you can purchase it today at a price of $0.000303.


  • A new meme coin merging innovative AI technology and blockchain
  • All presale investors can enjoy high-staking rewards
  • 10% of its total supply is allocated for community rewards


  • High-risk high-reward cryptocurrency
  • No info about the team

4. Mega Dice

mega dice logo

Hard Cap: 10 million

Mega Dice wants to revolutionize online casino gaming by seamlessly integrating cryptocurrency and community engagement. The platform offers instant accessibility to over 4,500 games, managed player accounts, and real-time support. With Telegram integration, users can access the casino hassle-free and interact with Mega Dice’s loyal community.

The $DICE token rewards players for engagement and stabilizing the economy with its backing. Blockchain integration ensures fast transactions and regulatory compliance, as well as legal protection.

Tokenomics are strategically designed to promote utility and growth, with features like gaming currency, staking rewards, and tradeability. 

Strategies for price stability include buybacks and token burns, while security measures like encryption and audits ensure player confidence. With the current price of $0.069, you can invest early and potentially reap rewards post-launch.

Learn more about the project in their extensive whitepaper.


  • Earn daily rewards based on casino performance with $DICE
  • $2.2M worth of airdrop rewards over three seasons
  • Seamless gaming and gambling experience


  • Currently not available on centralized exchanges

5. 99Bitcoins

99BTC logo

Hard Cap: $11 million

Joining the ranks of iconic rewards systems like MyPoints, 99Bitcoins introduces the $99BTC ecosystem. With a market valued at $8.9 billion, the learn-to-earn model is set to redefine how individuals engage with cryptocurrencies.

You can get a hold of crypto knowledge through interactive courses, quizzes, and tutorials. As you level up the 99Bitcoins ranking, you’ll earn tokens, paving your way to becoming a crypto expert.

Holders of $99BTC tokens gain exclusive access to staking rewards, additional training courses, exclusive trading webinars, and more. Plus, actively participating in the platform earns you additional 99Bitcoins tokens, redeemable for premium content and exclusive perks.

Even if you don’t have time to learn, you can stake your $99BTC tokens for passive income. And don’t miss out on the massive $99,999 Bitcoin airdrop for early adopters!


  • Learn about crypto while earning crypto
  • A $99,999 airdrop for early investors
  • Join a community with longevity and integrity


  • It may take time to roll out all the features from the roadmap

6. 5thScape

5th scape logo

Hard Cap: $15 million

The 5thScape is one of the best cryptos to buy now. That’s because the native token, 5SCAPE, will power an ecosystem that combines blockchain technology and virtual reality, such as VR games, a headset, and a chair. The token will be used as a medium of exchange within the ecosystem, as well as to give token holders exclusive benefits and discounts.

The only way to buy this token is via the presale. All you need to do is connect your Ethereum wallet to the presale site and use ETH or USDT coins to make the purchase. Make sure to have enough ETH in your wallet to pay the gas fees.

Since the presale will run in 12 rounds with different token prices, it could be prudent to buy the tokens as early as possible to lock in a better price. During the first presale round, one 5SCAPE token will cost $0.00187 apiece. In the final round, it will cost $0.0087, which is a 365% price difference.


  • Merges VR and blockchain technologies
  • Lower token price during the presale than the announced listing price
  • Accepts payments in ETH and USDT


  • The project bets that the VR market will take off
  • May take years to fully develop


sponge v2 logo

Hard Cap: $100 million

SPONGE V2 is an upgraded version of the Sponge meme coin that offers more utility and rewards. It’s based on the Stake-to-Bridge model. This allows users to transition from Sponge V1 to V2 by staking their original tokens. SPONGE V2 is also launching a P2E game that will enable users to earn additional $SPONGE tokens.

SPONGE V2 has set its total token supply at 150 billion. A huge portion of the supply will go towards staking rewards and the P2E gaming ecosystem. The goal of this distribution is to encourage active participation and improve the utility of tokens.

Investors can capitalize on SPONGE V2 by purchasing and staking V1 tokens or by swapping them for V2 tokens. As for its potential value, some analysts believe that SPONGE V2 could become one of the best cryptos to buy now. If we consider that the original $SPONGE experienced 100x growth in 2023, SPONGE V2 could surpass this milestone.


  • Innovative stake-to-bridge model
  • Engaging user experience with rewards
  • Over 30,000 members, growing engagement
  • Attractive minimum 40% APY over four years


  • Market volatility risk in relation to meme coins

8. Smog

smog logo

Hard Cap: N/A

Smog ($SMOG), a multi-chain meme coin, was launched on February 7, 2024. It aims to make the biggest airdrop on Solana and outperform some meme coins in the ecosystem, like Bonk, Myro, Dogwifhat, and others.

In order to qualify for the airdrop of 490 million tokens, you must possess $SMOG tokens in your wallet and finish Zealy quests to accumulate airdrop points. Once the distribution begins, you will receive a share of the airdrop directly in your wallet. Additionally, $SMOG holders will have the ability to utilize their tokens to access various features and vote on sustainability projects.

After its launch, this project experienced a 900% growth in just one day. Furthermore, its market cap surpassed $28 million within 24 hours of being listed on the Jupiter decentralized exchange.

As of now, Smog has a market cap of $41,767,941, and its current price stands at $0.26, making a strong case for the best crypto to invest in right now.

Join Smog’s Telegram channel for more information.


  • 35% of the total supply is reserved for airdrops.
  • Smog social interactions, quests, and on-chain activity can earn you airdrop points.
  • You can buy and stake the token for 10% discount


  • Meme coins are more volatile

9. eTukTuk

etuktuk logo

Hard Cap: $10.73 million

If you are a supporter of eco-friendly crypto tokens, eTukTuk is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy. This project aims to redefine urban transportation by combining EVs with blockchain technology. This means EV drivers use $TUK to charge their vehicles, while token holders earn money as the network expands. Investing in eTukTuk could be profitable since it’s a long-term project that will expand to more countries in the coming years. Plus, it’s expected that this project will be supported by local governments.

eTukTuk has raised more than $2,072,406.33 in its presale phase, and its value will continue to grow in the coming stages. The current price is $0.028 per token. By the end of 2024, its value could reach $0.95, making it a very promising crypto thanks to the development of EV charging stations, eTukTuk EV demand, and sustainability trends.


  • A BSC-based project that promotes sustainable solutions via blockchain technology
  • eTukTuk is partnered with high-profile companies
  • Its value is expected to increase in the coming years due to eco-friendly trends
  • $TUK holders earn rewards by Power Staking
  • 750% staking APY


  • Limited number of charging stations
  • Its success will depend on transportation regulations

10. KAI

kai logo

Hard Cap: N/A

Are you more of a cat person than a dog person? Well, the crypto market finally has something promising for you. For too long, dog-themed coins have ruled the blockchain, but now, KAI, the AI cat, is here to shake things up. With its audited ERC-20 token, $KAI, KAI aims to build a strong community through a rewarding presale staking strategy.

The roadmap lays out KAI’s journey in phases, from forming a fierce and loyal community to dominating the market and beyond. Key initiatives include community battles and innovative strategies to challenge dog coins. Tokenomics ensure growth, with allocations for early supporters, staking rewards, marketing, liquidity, and community engagement.

You can be one of the earliest investors as well, as its presale has just been launched. The price stands at $0.004, and around $150k has been raised so far.


  • Secure ERC-20 on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Rewarding presale staking strategy
  • Cutting-edge AI technology


  • No utility at the moment

11. Dreamcars

dreamcars token logo

Hard Cap: N/A

Dreamcars could be the best crypto to buy now for several reasons. First of all, Dreamcars is the first blockchain-based platform that allows the buying, selling, and trading of NFTs that are backed by real luxury cars. 

Secondly, this platform enables its users to own shares of luxury cars, such as Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, and Bentley. And finally, $DCARS token holders will be able to earn up to 60% APY through car rentals. They’ll also be able to use their NFTs as collateral to get loans. 

This project is currently in its presale stage. This means that early investors will be able to buy $DCARS tokens at a discounted price, which is currently $0.0105. However, once this token gets listed on crypto exchanges, its initial price will amount to $0.03. $DCARS has a capped total supply of 2 billion tokens, of which 50% will be reserved for presale, while 15% will go towards exchange listings.

In short, $DCARS could be a good long-term investment since its developers will use a buy-and-sell system to increase its value over time.


  • Buy, sell, and trade NFTs backed by real luxury cars
  • Earn up to 60% APY through car rentals
  • Own shares of luxury cars  
  • Get voting rights on car purchases


  • You must spend at least $10K to be eligible for a luxury car ownership

12. Shiba Shootout 

shiba shootout logo

Hard Cap: N/A

April is a month in which many important crypto events will take place, such as Bitcoin halving and Dogecoin Day. Both events could have a big impact on cryptocurrency prices. To take advantage of this hype, Shiba Shootout developers decided to launch their token presale a few days before the aforementioned events, i.e., on April 9, 2024.

This enabled them to raise almost $4,000 in less than 24 hours. Another reason for this success can be attributed to the utility of their token and their staking rewards program.

When it comes to the former, $SHIBASHOOT is a governance token, which means that it can be used for voting within the Shiba Shootout ecosystem. Moreover, its holders can use it to participate in the referral program and the Lucky Lasso Lottery. As for the latter, stakers will be able to earn 125.5 $SHIBASHOOT tokens per ETH block. All staking rewards, whose APY currently stands at 158466%, will be distributed over 2 years.

At the time of writing, the $SHIBASHOOT token trades at $0.0186.


  • Raised nearly $4,000 in less than 1 day
  • Lucrative staking rewards program with a massive APY
  • Aims to reach 100,000+ token holders
  • $SHIBASHOOT is a utility token


  • Still in its early development phase

13. Healix Protocol

healix protocol logo

Hard Cap: $24 million

Healix Protocol is a crypto project that aims to improve the healthcare industry by making it more accessible and affordable. To achieve that, this project combines blockchain with AI and IoT technologies. What makes this project a lucrative investment are its upcoming app and native token.

That said, the HLX app will enable its members to manage their health and check their blood pressure. They’ll also be able to use its AI Health Trainer – a smart chatbot that will provide personalized medical assistance.

On the other hand, its native token, $HLX, is built on the Binance smart chain, which gives it an advantage over ERC-20 tokens as it enables faster transactions and lower fees. Its holders will also be able to stake their tokens to gain access to exclusive features, discounts, and cashback rewards.

The $HLX token has a capped supply of 1 billion, of which 13% will be distributed towards its presale. Its current price stands at $0.03 per token, while its hard cap is $24 million. Moreover, Healix Protocol plans to enter into strategic partnerships with prominent wellness providers and healthcare facilities, which will further increase its value once it goes live.


  • Utilizes AI and IoT technologies to improve the healthcare industry
  • Multi-utility token that can be used for payments and staking
  • HLX app and AI-powered chatbot
  • Strategic partnerships with well-known healthcare and wellness providers


  • It will get listed on tier 1 CEXs by the end of 2024, or perhaps even later

14. BlastUP

blastup logo

Hard Cap: 12 million

BlastUP is built on the Blast network, and it offers teams a decentralized and user-friendly platform to raise capital. Active participants are rewarded through its Community Incentives Program, this way aligning interests between both parties. BlastUP leverages Blast’s unique features, including its Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) status and native yield for ETH and stablecoins.

The project’s rapid growth, reaching a TVL of $1 billion in just 35 days, sets it apart from other Layer 2 networks. BlastUP encourages collaboration with projects built on Blast and values transparency, even making governance reports public.

The network shares gas revenue with dApps developers, enhancing the sustainability of the ecosystem.

The BlastUP token is currently in presale. The presale will be conducted in ten stages, and BLP tokens will be offered at increasing prices. Tokens sold during the presale have a vesting period, ensuring gradual distribution and stability. Unsold tokens are allocated to Reserves for future use.


  • Over 11,800 participants have joined the presale, raising more than $4.8M
  • Audited by Certik with an A grade and an 82+ score
  • Earn Booster Points by inviting others to participate in the presale


  • Doesn’t support purchases from CEX

15. Baby Sinclair

baby sinclair logo

Hard Cap: N/A

The fusion of AI and cryptocurrency represents a new era of play and profit and Baby Sinclair leads the way. It represents a major shift, reshaping finance with intelligent algorithms and automation, and many investors have already seen significant gains from AI-crypto growth.

Project $CLAIR is set to play out in three major phases. Phase 1 sets the foundation — recruit a skilled team, establish a social media presence, audit smart contracts, release a comprehensive whitepaper, launch a presale, and foster community growth with AI avatar teasers.

Phase 2 accelerates momentum with the official launch of $CLAIR. This is when it’ll implement a 5% burn mechanism, secure exchange listings, collaborate with influencers, and introduce more AI avatars.

Phase 3 is all about sustainability, as it continues with burns and launches a rewards program. $CLAIR will then enable users to craft their AI avatars and integrate those avatars into a play-to-earn metaverse.


  • 100% bonus limited for the early investors
  • Strategic burning of millions of tokens yearly
  • Fully secure and audited


  • Volatility of meme coins

16. Bitcoin

bitcoin logo

Hard Cap: $21 million

Bitcoin has been on all the top 10 cryptocurrency lists for years and for a good reason. Unlike fiat currencies, BTC is not subject to inflation since it’s a decentralized asset that has a finite supply, making these some of the most valuable coins in circulation. So if you’re looking into the best crypto coins to buy now, you won’t go wrong with BTC — especially since the Bitcoin halving is approaching, which will have a big impact on its price. You can invest in BTC by buying tokens through crypto exchanges or by investing in its stocks.

BTC has a total supply of 21 million tokens, and its price at the time of writing stands at $72,860, which is an all-time high. That said, historical data shows us that each previous halving event has caused a large increase in the price of BTC, so we expect this to be the case again. However, due to the economic crisis, its value after halving could go well above the current price.


  • The price of BTC has increased by 66% since the beginning of the year
  • BTC halving may cause a big spike in its price
  • Bitcoin’s value is still well below its previous high
  • Best long-term crypto investments


  • Price volatility due to current economic conditions
  • Lower rewards for miners

17. Ethereum

ethereum logo

Market Cap: $228.75 billion

Ethereum is an open-source platform based on blockchain technology. What makes it unique is that it enables the creation of decentralized apps that function via smart contracts. In short, ETH is among the best altcoins to invest in if you are into long-term investments, given its dominance in the dApps and NFTs sector. 

Ethereum has no total supply limit like Bitcoin. There are currently 120,082,712 ETH in circulation, and the price at the time of writing stands at $3,685 per token. ETH experienced its all-time high in 2021 when its price reached $4,840. Since its value will be affected by the development of dApps and DeFi, — which have witnessed a significant increase in recent years — we believe that the price of ETH coin will grow exponentially. By the end of 2024, ETH could reach the $5,000 mark, making it the best crypto investment for long-term gains.


  • One of the largest blockchain ecosystems
  • Ethereum has the longest-running dApps on the market that are still keeping up with demand
  • ETH staking yields an average APY between 5% and 9%


  • Increasing transaction costs
  • Subject to inflation

How Did We Pick and Rate the Top Crypto to Buy?

To find the best cryptocurrencies in the crypto markets, our team at Business2Community evaluated each crypto project using the following metrics:

  • It was important for us to understand the goal of a certain crypto project, i.e., how it differs from the competition and what unique features it offers 
  • We gave great importance to the teams behind crypto projects, as well as their transparency 
  • When choosing the best coins to buy now, we also paid attention to their transaction speed and security features 
  • We analyzed both the market size and the potential growth of crypto tokens 
  • We examined the community behind crypto tokens, and we checked if the projects support dApps, network integrations, and partnerships
  • We reviewed how these crypto coins comply with regulations
  • We based our price predictions on their past performances and historical trends
  • Since cryptocurrencies are very volatile, we also took into account investing risks

Which Is the Best Crypto for Beginners?

The Business2Community team believes that Sponge V2 is the best crypto token for beginners since this stake-to-bridge project allows its users to stake $SPONGE tokens and get a minimum APY of 40%. What’s more, this token is in its presale phase, which means that the price is quite low.

Which Crypto to Buy Today For Long-Term Investors

Our team believes that Sponge V2 is the best option for long-term investment. It is an upgraded version of the original Sponge token that saw 100x growth in 2023. This upgraded version comes with even more utility and high staking rewards.


We hope that our guide helped you in solving the ‘best crypto to buy now’ dilemma. We made sure to base our recommendations on an in-depth analysis of the current market and trends that could contribute to the growth of the value of the above-mentioned crypto projects. Our team believes that Dogeverse has the greatest growth potential.

However, since investing in cryptocurrencies carries high risks, we advise you to monitor market conditions regularly when deciding what crypto to buy today and to stay up to date with the latest market trends.


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