TREE at EcoVillage

Date:Jan 03, 2012

The vision for TREE (Third Residential EcoVillage Experience) is a neighborhood of 40 small homes, which support our goals of sustainability, accessibility, and affordability. The homes will be passive solar, energy-efficient, green, affordable, and suitable for aging-in-place. TREE will be an integral part of EcoVillage at Ithaca (EVI), sharing in social events, community projects, and overall governance.  The TREE neighborhood is located on a beautiful hilltop close to woodland, the first two EVI neighborhoods, and a planned educational facility.


TREE homes will include:

  • Passive solar and other alternative energy sources
  • Sustainably-produced non-toxic materials
  • Water-saving storage and reuse features
  • Accessibility for those with special needs
  • Attractive exteriors

TREE currently meets every third weekend at EcoVillage to continue planning the TREE neighborhood. Visitors may join these meetings with advance notice, and new members are welcomed.  Please visit the TREE website for more details including meeting schedule, membership, and directions.