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Every business needs a sound strategy in order to be successful. Check out these articles to help define or reshape your business strategies.

What are Camilla and Jamie Jewitt of Love Island Up to Now? His Podcast

Former season 3 Love Island star and model Jamie Jewitt was crowned the runner-up alongside Camilla Thurlow on Day 52.…

Matt Williams
July 16, 2022

The Difference Between UX and UI

The Difference Between UX and UI No matter what you’re doing at any given moment, you’re witnessing a product or…

Megan Combs
January 19, 2022

11 Habits of Successful People You Can Take Over

Exactly like team collaboration tools can do wonders to your employees’ productivity and business efficiency; your daily habits have the…

Chanty team
January 17, 2022

Get More Done with the DRY Principle

Take a minute and think about your everyday tasks. I’m sure that many of them are likely to be repetitive…

John Rampton
January 17, 2022

Death by PowerPoint – Yes, Seriously

A few weeks ago, I gave a speaker training with the suggestive title “Death by PowerPoint”. Some of you may…

Marc Jadoul
January 15, 2022

Scrum Master Interview Questions: How to Make Your Scrum Master Fail

TL; DR: Scrum Master Interview Questions on How to Make Your Scrum Master Fail Scrum has proven time and again…

Stefan Wolpers
January 13, 2022

11 Ways to Detox Your Digital Life

I’ve decided that this year is going to be all about staying focused, prioritizing goals, eliminating the negative, decluttering and…

Emily Standley
January 12, 2022

Individual Development Planning: From One-on-One to a Team Sport

Many leaders – even those deeply committed to the growth of others – find themselves cringing as the annual individual…

Julie Winkle Giulioni
January 11, 2022

A Truly Extraordinary Leader Takes a Profit and Leaves a Mark

What defines an “extraordinary” individual? To you, is that someone who saves lives, like a doctor or first responder? How…

Daniel Burrus
January 10, 2022

How to Cross-Sell and Upsell Your Products Like a Pro

Cross-selling and upselling are two powerful ways to grow your business in 2022. These techniques involve getting your customers to…

Jared Atchison
January 10, 2022

Boost Your Flexible Workforce in These 5 Steps: Preparing Your Contact Center for the Gig Economy

For nearly two years, companies have had to meet the flexible needs of their employees. Remote work is here to…

Laura Krajewski
January 10, 2022

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