Leading a business means more than just boosting sales and increasing brand awareness. It means creating a knit-tight group of people working together for the exact cause. As a result, you have to invest considerable time and resources in ensuring employee happiness and motivation. But, what are the most important things employees want?

Most managers believe money is the answer, and they wouldn’t be entirely wrong. Money is one of the answers, but not the only one. For instance, grocery workers may want the implementation of an electronic payments service like Art Payments. This would help them handle less cash, be more productive, and work faster. 

Many times, keeping your employees happy could be that simple. Here are other ways to provide them with what they want! 

Company growth represented by its employees.

Specify Clear Expectations and Goals

When employees come to work, they have to know exactly why they got out of bed for it. Financial motivation is essential. However, people also need to know that they’re doing something productive and helpful. Therefore, they must have goals, expectations, and objectives. In the long run, they want more than material wealth. They want to feel like they’ve accomplished something.

Consistent Recognition and Praise

Most employees thrive on praise and appreciation for their work. Without it, they can hardly find happiness in doing a proper job, regardless of what that is. Sometimes, a few pats on the back and some encouraging words could mean more than a measly financial bonus.

Motivate your employees by praising them whenever you see progress in their work. You can do so both privately and in-office meetings. This way, they can increase their self-esteem and the appreciation of their peers.

Transparent Communication

Your employees are more than just factory clock-punchers. They are your team responsible for the growth and success of your business. Therefore, they deserve to know almost anything that goes on with their operations.

Most employees want and demand transparent communication from their managers. This means that you should always be ready to deliver good and bad news. If the company is thriving, they deserve to know. On the other hand, if the enterprise is struggling and staff reduction is just around the corner, they also deserve to know.

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Company Growth

People who care about their careers will not stay in a stagnating business. It is imperative for employees to feel they are part of something successful. Otherwise, they won’t have the motivation to push their limits. So, make sure that your enterprise is continually improving to keep your best workers on the team.


One of the most important things employees want is to move up the company ladder as high as possible. Notably, ambitious people will not want to linger in the same position for too long. These workers will always take on more responsibility, and you must ensure that they get it. Motivate your employees with higher, better-paying positions in your company to satisfy their corporate responsibility needs.