In today’s job market, there are many factors to be considered when hiring a new employee. You might be wondering what employers look for when hiring. Below, you’ll find 3 traits to look for in a potential employee: honesty, dependability, and intelligence.


There are many traits that employers look for in an employee, but honesty is one of the most important. It demonstrates commitment and builds trust. Work done without commitment is considered superficial. Employers seek employees with this trait, and it can even be more important than other skills.

Honesty is a fundamental characteristic that is easy to develop. When an employee is transparent about their capabilities and preferences, it helps them build trust and a positive reputation in the workplace. Honesty makes it easy for team members to develop strategies for success. It also helps the company develop a culture of integrity. Employees who have this trait are valuable to any company.


If you’re trying to land a new job, you need to know what employers look for in a good employee. If you don’t have any, you should consider boosting your dependability score on your application. This will highlight your ability to follow through with commitments, respond to requests quickly, and measure progress. You can also show the employer how your past actions and behavior have impacted the company’s bottom line.

Being dependable means being on time every day and producing consistent work. Being dependable means following through with commitments and applying company policies equally. A dependable employee also enjoys working with peers and managers and is likely to stay with a company for a long time. You’ll be able to gain an advantage over your competition by being dependable and consistent.

A dependable employee is also willing to help their coworkers and customers in an emergency. This helps operations run smoothly and minimize mistakes, while fostering team unity. In addition to this, they are also likely to offer to train new employees or correct mistakes in their coworkers. In short, a dependable employee recognizes that he or she is a part of a larger team, and a successful team is in everyone’s best interest.


While most people associate intelligence with math and science, the term actually refers to a person’s practical ability to cope with a variety of challenges. Often, the key to demonstrating this kind of intelligence is to ask intelligent questions. This characteristic is a key factor of intelligence, and it should be cultivated as a part of a candidate’s job interview.

Emotional intelligence has taken on new meaning in the age of pandemic 2021. When it comes to working with coworkers, employees must be able to read their emotions and respond appropriately. According to a CareerBuilder survey, seventy-one percent of employers value emotional intelligence over IQ. Furthermore, they will hire a worker with high emotional intelligence over a candidate with a lower IQ and pass on them if they lack this ability.

In general, intelligence is the ability to do the job. While some employers may consider the other qualities more important, intelligence is often the key criterion for hiring. People who perform tasks with high mental effort and focus have higher retention and performance. While high SAT scores and a wide knowledge of multiple languages may impress employers, the most important factor is the ability to perform the job.